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17 November 2022 - 18 November 2022
SEEmeet 2022

Terms and conditions of sale – SEEmeet Slovenia 2022 (hereafter “Conference”)

Article 1:

The participant will register through B2Match Platform.

Article 2:

Participation to the event is free of charge.

Article 3:

a) Obligations in relation to the Conference:

The company undertakes to fill in a description of its business and detailing the type of alliances and business opportunities sought, through B2Match Platform. Development Centre Novo mesto (hereafter “organizer”), main organizer of the event, reserves the right to cancel a company’s participation and to hold it responsible for this cancellation if the company does not provide the items and documents required for the purpose of the service which it has undertaken to provide, within the proper time limits. During the Conference, the participant will have the opportunity to meet most of the companies that they selected. He commits to attend all meetings, even if it wasn’t one of his choices. Organizer cannot be held responsible for any incomplete and/or incorrect information published in the Conference’s catalogue. Organizer reserves the right to refuse a company’s participation if its size and the object of its business activities do not correspond to the aim of the Conference. In this event, organizer is not liable for any expenses incurred by the participant.

b) Use of internet during the Conference:

When availing of the Internet access provided during the Conference, the user will refrain from transmitting or downloading any prohibited, illicit, immoral, or illegal data, contrary to law or public order that may affect the rights of a third party, in particular with regard to intellectual, literary, artistic or photographic property rights. The user will refrain from any fraudulent or excessive use which could disrupt the availability of the Internet service. Organizer will not be held responsible for damages which may result from the use of this Internet access nor for disturbances or interruptions in the service.

c) Civil liability of the participants:

Each participant agrees to check the extent of its civil liability with its insurance company for the entire duration of the Conference.

d) Communication:

During the event, photos and videos will be taken by the personnel of the Conference. On this occasion, participants expressly agree that their image is used for reproduction on closing day, for

communication (paper or digital media and social networks) in Slovenia and abroad, or marketing purposes of SEEmeet during future advertising campaigns. Participants may take photos/videos, but

their use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, participants must respect the image reproduction rights of each person.

f) Follow-up of the Conference:

The participant agrees to inform organizer of any contracts which may be entered into after this event, by filling in the assessment questionnaire presented to it at the end of the Conference.

Article 4: Responsibility

The organizer is not responsible for:

• The attendance or non-attendance to the Conference of a participant and/or the proceedings of the meetings. Meetings are chosen by each participant, who accepts to participate of his/her own free will. The organizer does not guarantee a result or a business opportunity after the Conference.

• The cancellation or interruption of a meeting by a participant. In the event that this occurs, no compensation can be claimed from the organizer after the Conference.

• The information and discussions between the participants during the Conference and especially during the individual meetings. The participants have to keep the content of their conversation confidential. The organizer is not responsible for the non-respect by one of the participants of the confidentiality obligation.

• Disputes between participants. The organizer is under no obligation to intervene and is not responsible for the consequences of any disputes.

Article 5: Cancellation terms and conditions:

Participant can cancel at any time. Companies wishing to cancel their participation must send notification letter at seemeet@rc-nm.si.

Article 6: Consent to use personal data and documentation (Terms and conditions concerning General data protection regulation – GDPR)

It`s unconditionally understood, that by accepting this Terms and conditions, the participant is allowing the Development Centre Novo mesto Ltd (VAT No. SI 77074963) and SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency (VAT No. SI 97712663) as organizers of the Conference:

- to use participants personal, company and contact data (name, surname, e-mail, mobile/phone number, photos, logos and other acquired data), as well as economic interest in terms of the companies` needs (about industry, size, performance, complementarity, mode of desired economic cooperation, etc.)

o to use all this acquired data for the purposes of

▪ Managing the performance of services (verification of services rendered, statistical processing of services rendered, verification of participants' satisfaction with the service rendered, etc.)

▪ Informing about activities related to The Conference (schedule, The Conference newsletter, etc.)

▪ Promoting The Conference via different media channels, including social media and

▪ Preparing the event database.

It`s also unconditionally understood, that by accepting this Terms and conditions, the participant is allowing the Development Centre Novo mesto Ltd and SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, as the organizers of the Conference to take photographs of participants in association with all the events concerning The Conference, and to use such photographs of participant with or without his name and for any lawful purpose, including purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and web content.

By checking the checkbox upon registration to The Conference, and agreeing to the terms and conditions, as stated in this consent, participant hereby acknowledge that he is notified with his rights in relation to the personal data transmitted, namely that:

- he can request access to his data, correction, deletion or transfer of such data and restrictions on their processing, or I can file an objection against its processing;

- he can cancel this consent at any time;

- he can lodge an appeal to the competent supervisory authority if I believe that the personal data controller violates the rules on the protection of personal data;

- he can find information on the personal data controller, the authorised person for the protection of personal data and other information related to the use and protection of personal data at the web address www.rc-nm.si;

- the provided personal data will not be processed for any other purpose, as stated above;

- the provided personal data will not be transmitted to third parties, other than those defined by law, contract or other legal basis;

- personal data can also be processed by the contractual partners with whom UP has concluded contracts for processing of personal data and which at the same time provide an adequate level of protection of personal data.

Article 7: Law

These terms and conditions are governed by Slovenian law.

Article 8: Applicable law - Disputes

In case of dispute, Slovenian law only shall have probative force and only organizer area Courts of Law shall have jurisdiction.

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